Dear Colleagues and Friends,


It is my pleasure and privilege to invite you to join the 7th Translational DZIF School, which will be held in Lübeck from 25-27 September 2019 with a special focus on translational science we aim to bring together clinical and basic researchers (PhDs PostDocs and junior group leaders) to discuss latest developments in lnfectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology. In this year´s program major findings from the thematic translational units Gastrointestinal lnfections, Hepatitis, lnfections of the Immunocompromised Host and Malaria will be presented. In addition, DZIF clinical leave and MD/PhD stipendiaries will present their work in 2 separate sessions to explore their data with established researchers in the field. Furthermore, all other participants will be given the possibility to present their work within the scope of a poster session. The program is complemented by 2 workshops that allow a more centered view on distinct topics with high educational relevance focusing on Bioinformatics and African Partner lnstitutions.


I am looking forward to share with you some exciting days in Lübeck, learning from each other in the dynamic and fastidi­ous field of lnfectious Diseases Research.


See you in Lübeck!



Best regards,


Jan Rupp